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Karen Smith was born in Reading, England in 1971. She arrived in France in 1989 where she continued her studies. After having studied interior architecture and fashion in Paris she took part in the preparation of the exhibition Première Vision and then went on to work for Christian Dior in 1996. After 4 years as a designer for a household linen company in Paris, Karen decided to work for herself and to further explore her true passion of interior decoration. In 2000 she left Paris to go and live in Normandy in an authentic and natural environment. Deep in the countryside in an old mill on the edge of a river, Karen built her nest, an ideal place for her family and her work to flourish in.

Karen finds her innermost inspiration in the most natural elements like earth, water and plants. Here her imagination runs wild and there are no limits to her creativity. In 2005 she created her own collection of Baked Clay tiles representing nature’s imprints at their best, using texture and relief. Her authentic collection is a close up of beauty and innocence in nature where a world of simplicity and tranquillity have become so hard to find.

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